JRL 2018

Each year the KDF run a two day workshop at the Royal Armouries in Leeds called JRL (Jung Ritter Lere – Learn Young Knight).  This year, I managed to get along to the Sunday and took apart in a few workshops, had some private lessons, and got to handle some pretty old weaponry. A great way to spend a Sunday! The first workshop I attended was a dagger workshop, and this was my first experience on dagger principles based on the teachings of Joachim Meyer (whose writing a few hundred years after our practice).  It was interesting to see that while the dagger was one handed, you really needed to be using both hands to take the advantage.  There were some interesting takeaways that can be used in a wide range of study. We are going to study dagger and it is going to help students understand leverage body position and disarming. The second workshop I started was on taking the initiative with the Longsword but it soon became apparent, that my partner (Luckily for me , the head of KDF Nottingham Chapter) felt I would be best served with some private study time working on structures and cuts based on the Thomas Stoeppler translation of HS3227a. While a surprise session, having now understood the variants and difference in interpretation, that hour with Adam and Dan (Thanks Guys) was worth the drive on its own. After lunch I was onto a handling session and having attended the Sword and Buckler event in March where I got to handle (yes handle) the oldest martial arts book in the world (i.33).  The group I was with were not disappointed.  Roman Gladius, Longswords, Dussacks, 15th Century Polearms, as well as pieces of armour, bucklers, and helmets.  Let’s just say, everyone left the room with a smile on their faces, as well as countless smily sword and polearm selfies. Do look out for events at The Royal Armouries.  Depending on dates and times for next year there will be one car driving up for at least one day. < BACK