Training with Pahlavandles

Some of you may know I have been working with the HeroicSport guys for nearly a year now. These guys have made the various pahlavandles which are attached to water bottles to create Indian clubs. Filled with water, rice, sand or stones. The handles create an easy tool to improve flexibility but also coordination, range of motion and conditioning.

Clubs were originally made for warriors to condition themselves for combat, so it is no surprise that those of us who train in weapon based martial arts, would look to enhance our training with such tools.

HeroicSport also have a range of exercise programmes to follow and have even created programmes for the historical fencer. These are online videos and some are made specifically for HEMA practitioners to get more flexible, conditioned and stronger..

Checkout their other programmes here:

For the handles themselves:

The best option is to look at the starter pack option: