The Two Handed Sword

I have been looking forward to reading this book for a while, as I recently acquired a steel Montante. I had always seen this weapons in museums and had a fascination about who these things could possibly be used.

They do look ceremonial in nature, but the more and more I use it, the more I see how effective it is for a variety of uses.

One of first things the book covers is the different countries styles each two handed sword had and there are different characteristics for each.

This book doesn’t cover actually using the weapon in any great detail, there are plenty of treatise and work being carried on that front. This book fills the gap on the historical element of the sword and its development and use on the battlefield.

There are lots and lots of pictures of two handed swords and I feel this book is a great addition to anyone’s library who has an interest in big swords.

The author uses images to work out how the sword was used in combat. There are again, lots of images, useful, as I had not seem lots of these. There are also reference to some sword treatise and use of pictures from some of the fechtbuchs.

Overall I would say a great read and would help the HEMA Montante or great sword trainer get a much better understanding of the weapon they are researching and using. I know I have.

You can buy this book direct from Pen and Sword Books

Please note I was not paid to write this review but was sent a review copy of the book. All comments are my own, and the publishers have not amended the review in any way.