The 1066 Norman Bruisers

How European Thugs Became English Gentry

An interesting take on Norman history period as the author looks a 12 generations of the same family to see how the nation developed.

The book follows the fortunes of the descendants of Osbern Fitz Tezzo who appears to have come to England with William the Conqueror. He appears in the domesday book, and there are traces of him in the Castle he built. His ancestors took the name Boydell who left a big impression on the area in Cheshire at also served King and Country.

The author talks about how foreign thugs became the English gentry, which is strange, but the Norman conquest brought about fundamental changes across all part of English society.

The book ties goings on with our family and his descendants to the key events at the time, so you see life both at the local level but also with the world happenings. The book covers a 300 year period from when Osbern, as a Frenchman, he invaded England, and yet 300 years later, his ancestor, William Boydell as an Englishman was fighting the French.

The stories of the family are well intertwined and really help bring this period of history alive.

This is a great book, as it gives a different look at a well written about period of English history.

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