Stuff We Like: Theatre of War Clothing

I wanted to introduce a new series I want to run on the site, called “Stuff We Like”. I will be interviewing business owners that have cool stuff we like. Simple really.

In my first email interview, I grill Adam Wilkes at Theatre of War Clothing.

Tell people a little about yourself

My name is Adam Wilkes and for 15 years now I have been involved in museums, archaeology and living history societies. I have studied with two universities and have several published papers on European history. I started Theatre of War to create a medium where I could illustrate my passion for history through visual representations taken from actual artefacts

What is your favourite design?

My favourite design has to be the Nordic boat Petroglyph, it was one of the very first sketches that I did and still remains one of the most popular sellers. Even though it is fairly simplistic it reminds me of the early days of Theatre of War and the scary venture in business!

Can people request their own designs?

Custom work is something I enjoy a great deal as it not only presents me with new challenges but gives me the opportunity to research different areas of history I may have otherwise overlooked or not been aware of. Customisation came about initially in the early days of TOW when I began doing bespoke designs for reenactment groups, admittedly I hated doing it in the beginning! But eventually I honed my craft and now it is an aspect that differentiates my work from other companies and had meant I am able to create one off motifs for use in museums and commercial settings.

Do you just sell clothing?

I mainly sell clothing and patches however I would very interested in doing tattoo designs as for years I drew tattoo flash and wanted to pursue this profession as a career however this wasn’t to be and here I am involved in history and archaeology.

Where can people buy your items?

For anyone interested in purchasing items should visit my official website at but also I have an Etsy store at

If custom work is required customers should contact me directly on any of my social media platforms or via email at