Shield Making Day

In order to have a lower cost way of making our shields, Matt has come up with the idea to make a group day of it.

We just need to find a location where we can do this but here is detail. This will be July / August time….

These are the standard bosses for Viking shields.

I’d say another £10 for leather and £5 per shield blank. Add on Tony’s (Armourer / Shield builder) time and workshop consumables the total figure should be £35 per shield for the guys and girls to save up.

Depending on use, shield edges can be tacked (quick but less authentic and more weight) or sewn on (ball ache of a job but light, cheap and easily repaired).

Reenactors usually do 12mm thick to soak up the blows but 9mm (or even 6/8mm) should be sufficient for HEMA where the shields are used properly.

And, to match the shield diameter to the person, each individual should measure from their elbow to their knuckle and multiply that figure by 2 to get the “correct” diameter for each person, I find that smaller diameters work for me as the shield doesn’t get in the way of the hand weapon as much.

So the plan is we get people interested (that means you), you register and pay so we can order the shield bosses and raw materials.

Then you come a long on the day and finish the day going home with a round shield made just for you.

Who’s in? Not taking payment yet, just trying to get an idea of numbers. It will be Thanet / Canterbury based.