Sword and Buckler Workshop


An introduction to Sword and Buckler fighting.  We will cover parts of i.33 but the main focus will be other medieval German sources that cover Sword and Buckler fighting that are more self contained.

Sunday 27th October 2024 – 1pm to 5pm



Join us for an immersive workshop on the art of Sword and Buckler fighting, a dynamic and historically rich martial practice. This session is perfect for both beginners and experienced martial artists looking to deepen their understanding of medieval combat techniques. We will delve into various medieval German sources, including the renowned MS I.33, to explore the fundamentals and advanced techniques of Sword and Buckler fighting.

Workshop Highlights

  • Introduction to MS I.33: Get acquainted with the oldest known fencing manual, MS I.33, also known as the Tower Manuscript. We will cover key techniques and principles outlined in this seminal text.
  • Exploration of Other Medieval German Sources: Dive into a variety of other medieval German manuscripts that provide a broader perspective on Sword and Buckler fighting. Understand different styles and techniques that were prevalent in medieval Germany.
  • Practical Drills and Sparring: Engage in hands-on practice with guided drills to develop your skills. Sparring sessions will allow you to apply what you’ve learned in a controlled environment.
  • Historical Context and Analysis: Learn about the historical context of Sword and Buckler fighting, its evolution, and its role in medieval martial culture.

What to Bring

  • Protective Gear: Participants are encouraged to bring their own fencing mask, gloves, and padded jacket. Limited protective gear will be available for use.
  • Training Weapons: If you own a training sword and buckler, please bring them. A limited number of practice weapons will be provided.
  • Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing that allows for a full range of motion. Athletic shoes are recommended.
Sunday 27th October 2024 – 1pm to 5pm St Dunstans Church Hall, London Road, Canterbury