Medieval Manuscript Workshop

As HEMA Students, we always refer to the manuscripts of the medieval period, but how were they actually made and how long did it take to create a page or image?  Now you can find out first hand.  We have Julia Baxter who is an experienced calligrapher and illuminator coming to run a hands on workshop at the fechtschule. 

This is an opportunity to work through the process of medieval illumination working towards a finished letter with colour paints and gold leaf. We also plan to draw weaponised medieval bunnies.

Beginning with an initial tracing, laying gold size, applying real gold leaf and building colour paints we will work in the same order as the medieval illuminators. Finally the essential outlining for a finished letter or image. We will work with a pre-designed capital letter. Tools and materials are included. Suitable for all.

£20 per head (includes all materials) at St Georges School on the 23rd November 10am -1pm  Tea, Coffee and Biscuits will be provided.

Interested? Stop by our Facebook Page for details and to book your ticket.