Great Naval Battles of the Ancient Greek World

When I was a kid, the main warfare we read about were land based conflicts during the Greek and Roman periods. Battle of Marathon and Thermopylae – that kind of stuff..

Yet I still remember reading and seeing pictures of biremes and triremes and being fascinated by their battering ram hulls.

That said, I only ever thought about the shops of this periods as troop carriers and never really thought that naval warfare existed.

Owen Rees’ book has certainly changed that, and I want to find out more.

The book itself is well laid out and for a book of this type I like the format of each battle and it is actually a real easy read.

I love the naval tactics section and glossary as well. I now know what a “diekplous” is.

Also the “kyklos” which must have been an amazing feat of seamanship to get these big ships in a circle with rams facing out. I don’t like parallel parking, so imagine trying it with a ship.

Each battle is broken down into background, forces, the battle, and aftermath.

While I am not going to start fighting on board ship, it is an amazing read. I can see this been a great book for scholars and wargammers.

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