First Workshop

Yesterday was our first introductory workshop to the German longsword of master Johannes Liechtenauer.  Even though we only had 4 hours, we covered a lot of the basics and we will now take that forward to in regular weekly practice. Thanks for everyone that attended yesterdays workshop as without you this couldn’t of happened and I also want to say thank you again to Peter from coming and sharing the system with us all in an easy to digest format. Using the sources alone can be quite tricky and lots of head scratching so it is always good to have someone who has done that head scratching for us, at least initially. There will now been a weekly practice every Tuesday night as well as a desire to put on other weekend seminars so for those of you who wish to do that as you can’t make it weekly or come during the week. Keep connected with us on Facebook and I’ll post events as we book them in.     < BACK