Byzantine Fortifications

“Byzantine Fortifications” is a comprehensive and informative book that covers the development and construction of fortifications throughout the Byzantine empire. Written by Nikos Kontogiannis, the book combines decades of archaeological research with a detailed examination of the empire’s military organization, weapons, tactics, and defensive strategies.

The book covers a wide range of fortifications across the empire, including those in Mesopotamia, Syria, Africa, Asia Minor, the Aegean, and the Balkan peninsula. It spans a broad time period, from early 3rd to 4th century fortifications to those of the late Byzantine 13th to 15th century.

Kontogiannis does an excellent job of explaining the strategic importance, location, and development of the fortifications in a manner that is accessible to the layperson. The book is beautifully illustrated with maps, line drawings, schematics, and modern photographs of ancient castles and fortifications.

Overall, “Byzantine Fortifications” is an essential resource for anyone interested in the Byzantine empire or the history of fortification. It is a valuable and timely publication that fills a gap in the literature on this topic.

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