Britain’s Plot to Kill Hitler

The True Story of Operation Foxley and SOE. Operation Foxley was the name of the secret plan supported by Winston Churchill to assassinate Hitler in 1944-45.

In 1944 the SOE came up with a number of ideas to assassinate Hitler and any high ranking Nazis who were present sat the time of the attack. The book by Eric Lee, is a fascinating piece of research and the book reproduces all of the available documentation about Foxley.

As it turns out Foxley wasn’t simply an assassination attempt, but more over, a working party of different ideas and methods to attack Hitler.

Some of those ideas included

  • Lone Sniper
  • Destroying Hitlers personal train
  • Poison
  • One idea was to hypnotise Rudolf Hess and send him back to Germany to Kill Hitler
  • and there were more

The author concludes that the Foxley project was more of a brainstorming exercise rather than anything operational at that stage of the war.

This is a really interesting read for anyone interested in clandestine operations and the workings of the SOE during the War. It also provides an interesting peek into the out of box thinking the secret services were considering. The book also touches on briefly some of the ideas of the Americans dn Russians who were also thinking about removing Hitler from power.

You can buy the book here from Pen and Sword books.

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