Bartitsu Workshop

A man returns from South East Asia having studied a number of martial arts. He returns to London to set up a self defence club for well heeled gentlemen.

He feels that the gentlemen need self defence lessons as they are being attacked and robbed at knife and gunpoint.

The newspapers talk about endless gang violence and rising crime levels, police seemingly powerless to prevent this rise in crime.

He wants to create a system of self defence to allow his students to both surprise and defeat multiple opponents with anything he has to hand.

His club opens to a roaring success and publicity in magazines and newspapers.

An art for the age. A collection of techniques taken from a wide range of martial studies. A mixed martial art….

Combining stickfighting and boxing from Europe, JuJutsu from Japan , and kickboxing from France.

A popular art that levels the playing field in London and other major cities across the world.

But this isn’t a martial art from 2019.

Or even 1999…

This is 1899…. welcome to the world of Victorian Mixed Martial Arts…

Edward Barton-Wright came back from Japan having studied jujutsu and opened a self defence school in London. He collected bits from various arts of the day and morphed them into a loose syllabus he called Bartitsu (which he named after himself).

This art is being reborn in clubs across the world and we are bringing it to East Kent on the 14th April 2019 – with an introduction to Bartitsu led by Tommy Moore from the Bartitsu Lab. We will be focussing on Vigny Cane fighting, Pugilism and Savate.

So if you want to truly learn some old school self defence, now is the time. We are taking bookings now. £20 for the day, all equipment will be provided. 10am – 4 pm.

St Georges School Broadstairs, kent

Moustache and tweed optional…..


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