A Guide to Medieval Gardens

This book is slightly off topic for us but as it is firmly in our period, I thought it would be worth a read.

Gardens during this cover covered in the book appear not just to be practical, but also tie into religion as well as recreational spaces. Who knew?

This book is very well written and laid out with lots of colour pictures of manuscripts, period images and photos of current medieval gardens.

The book includes chapters around being a medieval gardener, the tools needed, the techniques used and how to make your own medieval garden. While I am not going to suggest we do this at home 🙂 This could make a great school project for those covering the medieval period.

The book also lays out a calendar of what tasks need doing during each month of the year so this is an easy to follow along guide to medieval gardening.

The book also has a list of medieval gardens you can visit today.

You can buy the book here from Pen and Sword books.

Please note I was not paid to write this review but was sent a review copy of the book. All comments are my own, and the publishers have not amended the review in any way.